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Family Law

Family law is a body of law which governs family-related matter. 

Inheritance Law and Wills

Inheritance law regulates matter affecting those entitled to receive assets and property of a decedent.

Missing Assets Tracing

Asset tracing is a legal branch dealing with locating valuables to an individual or company that have been misused. This body of law tool commences the asset recovery process.

Business Migration

Business migration regulates work visas, employment-based green cards and business and work-related immigration categories.

Business Crime

Business crime is committed in the standard course of business, for economic reasons, by or on behalf of business organizations.

All Aspects of International Law

International law is the body of legal rules, norms, and standards that apply between soverign states and other entities that are legally recognized as international actors.

Our mission is to bring together world experts in the field of law in a superbly
managed, modern structure. 


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Aina Khan OBE, a specialist in International law, has set up ABAL in 2020 with her personal connections worldwide with these 3 aims:

1. Cross-referral of work to trusted senior peers worldwide (lawyers, investors, bankers)

2. Share best practice

3. Provide access to justice to international clients. 


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